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Welcome to the web page of Caballinus – a non-profit organization providing Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy.

Caballinus was established in 2008 to offer and provide Equine Assisted Services. We focus on Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy and devote mainly to children (from 2 months age). We are members of CEFTA (Czech Equine Facilitated Therapy Association) and all our horses and therapists are certified and qualified to provide these activities.

Where you can find us:

Our horses are all year long placed in Prague suburb – Praha-Lipence.


Dolnočernošická 442

Praha Lipence


Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy (EFP) is a treatment method of rehabilitation which uses a specially prepared horse, specifically the movement of his back during a walk, to provide therapeutic effects. This movement is alternating and repeats rhythmically and cyclically. It offers stimulation for all senses and this directly influences motor behavior of the client through the activation of all levels of central nervous system. Our main aim is to improve neurological functions and sensory processing in children with various health disorders and beyond all of this to improve the quality of life of our clients and their families.


Who is the EFP for:

Our clients are mostly patients of pediatric neurology and orthopaedics. We help children with psychomotor development delay, cerebral palsy, morbus Down, scoliosis, different genetic disorders, post-traumatic conditions as well as children with autism, ADHD or combined defects. We take care of babies in early intervention from the age of two months.


Our professional team:

Our team consists of 5 hipporehabilitation horses, 3 pediatric physiotherapists, 1 occupational therapist. The horses are trained and prepared for EFP by our skilled horse trainers. We cooperate with many other people who assist us in different activities.


How does the EFP unit look like:

The unit takes 10 to 20 minutes according to the physiotherapist’s considerations. The unit involves also direct contact with the horse (touching, feeding). We provide intensive therapeutic weeks for children.

For the first time visit we prefer to have some recommendation for hippotherapy from your GP or other specialist. At the beginning we examine the child to choose the most beneficial horse for the therapy. Then the child is placed on the back of the horse in a position which is taking into account the actual motor development of the child. The horse trainer then leads the horse and the physiotherapist secures the child and corrects his/her position to achieve complete motoric and sensory stimulation.


What we offer:

  • Intensive EFP weeks in Praha-Lipence
  • Summer camps with EFP and additional therapeutic programs for whole families in Krkonoše Mountains
  • Physiotherapeutic examination
  • EFP courses in Czech and English language for specialists, lectures for university students, internships…
  • Equine assisted activities for children with ADHD, autistic disorder and another types of problematic behavior
  • Contact therapy for paliative care patients both kids and seniors


How you can help us:

We are a non-governmental not-for-profit organization and we deeply appreciate any form of assistance. To support our activities further, we are open to and welcome any financial benefit sent to the account number 234380325/0300.